Congratulations, Eric, on 30 years with the Rangers

Eric Nadel is in this 14th year as the lead voice on the Texas Rangers radio broadcasts on KRLD and the team’s radio network. It marks his 30th year broadcasting Rangers baseball, the longest tenure of any announcer in the history of the franchise and one of the longest continuous current stints with one team in the American League.

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    Congrats on 30 years of Rangers Baseball. I will still listen on the internet to here you call the games here in Montana.


    Thanks for your service to the Texas Rangers for the past 30 years. When you hear the name Eric Nadel, you automatically think Rangers. Here’s to 30 more!


    When I hear the name Eric Nadel, I automatically think of
    Camp Equinunk, and a screaming match between Eric and his Brooklyn buddy, Billy Sherman. When I came running to see what all the yelling was about, Eric calmly informed me they were merely “discussing” their difference on a single, fundamental point of baseball–which Eric(correctly) stated:Great pitching beats Great hitting–EVERY TIME! It was the “every time” that Billy had the problem with! Did I mention Eric was 12 at the time? And right as rain! Welcome to New York today my old friend , and congratulations on an amazing career!
    Dean Fixler


    Eric I always look forward to your broadcast. You are the only radio announcer that has ever described the game so well I feel like I am there at the game. My wife and I listen to you when we cannot watch on tv and we always say the same thing to each other, it feels like we are there and can even smell the hot dogs cooking. Congrats on 30 years we hope to hear you for 30 more.

  5. clnewman

    Mr. Nadel I can hardly stand this eastern road swing trip without you, no disparagement of anyone else intended. Please allow us to get back to hearing you soon. Whatever it takes. New glasses on up. The game will give anything for its elan vitale.

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